Shipping personal effects

Looking after your precious belongings

When you have to move home it’s stressful; when you’re moving countries as well the stress can escalate and make what should be an adventure into a nightmare. An experienced removal company can make a lot of your pressures disappear.

Once you’ve decided what you want to take with you, you can have a team of experts pack your personal effects, ship them, store them (if necessary) and deliver them to your new home when you want them.

We’ve packed and shipped:

  • Antiques and fine artworks
  • Delicate glass and china collections
  • Various vehicles including cars, boats and even a tractor!

Our team are experienced in shipping personal effects to and from Brunei, Malaysia and other Far Eastern locations. You’ll find our services highly professional.

You’ll be kept in the picture about where your goods are by email so you’re not left wondering where your precious items are.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small amount or a whole container, if you contact us we can give you a quote and ensure you have all the right paperwork to ship your items safely and without unnecessary hassle.

Find out more about our services by calling +44 (0)1375 470599, email for more information or explore our specialist services to Brunei Darussalam – Far East.